September 25, 2016

IVT BlueSoleil 10.0.496.1

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 BlueSoleil is an adapter to connect Bluetooth devices to your computer, it offers several advantages. For instance, it enables the users to attach a headset, mobile phone, digital cameras, printers, mouse, wireless keyboard, etc to the computer to easily perform exchange. 

IVT BlueSoleil

The process is simple, when BlueSoleil is started, the user must activate the Bluetooth devices he/she wants to associate with the machine. After that, the adapter is going to detect and manage them. The detection is done by double-clicking the item. This shareware is effective and convenient for all users. Indeed, BlueSoleil is compatible with the latest SIG Bluetooth and can handle more than ten devices at once. BlueSoleil's interface is plain and simple with menus and options related to the connected equipment. In addition, this software is compatible with different HCI interfaces such as USB, UART, PCMCIA and Compact Flash. 

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