June 18, 2017

Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 SP5 Enterprise / Standard

100 GB Free Backup
The main functions of Microsoft Exchange: processing and sending e-mail messages, shared calendars and tasks, support for mobile devices and web access, integration with voice messaging systems.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 SP3 Enterprise

Email remains the foundation of business communication and one of the most important tools for business. Therefore it is very important to have an advanced messaging infrastructure that meets current business expectations. With the growing volume of email and other communications people need tools that help them focus on the most important in the interaction with colleagues. There is a growing need for more efficient management, preservation and protection of the information stored in the company's e-mail boxes. To solve new business problems and increase productivity improved integration of Exchange Server with other products Office. Email management has been simplified, allowing you to focus on more important tasks and to increase effective work with different devices. In Exchange architecture of the new recovery features have been added and improved built-in tools to ensure compliance with the protection and preservation of data.

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