December 17, 2016

Super Mario Run for iPhone and iPad

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Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run is a reworked and reimagined version of the classic Nintendo title “Super Mario.” Just like any runner app available in the App Store, Super Mario character runs in one direction that you can control with one hand using only one finger. A simple tap makes Mario jump, tap and hold make him jump higher, and you collect power ups and coins during the gameplay. The game also offers special pink-colored coins that give you extra points.

The World Tour mode is the main theme of the game. It consists of 6 worlds and 24 levels. The game offers a multiplayer mode called Rally. You can also create your own Mario world in a Mushroom Kingdom like mode using the points earned through Toad mode.

The game is available for Free for everyone. However, the free version of Super Mario Run only gives limited access to the available three worlds in the game. In order to get the full access, you’ll have to pay $9.99. Early reviewers are pretty impressed with the overall game experience and Nintendo has done a great job at its first iOS game.
Download Super Mario Run for iPhone and iPad
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