September 2, 2017

Comodo Internet Security Premium

100 GB Free Backup

Comodo Internet Security Premium

Comodo Internet Security Premium is the perfect software for your Internet security. With the help of this software, users will be able to use the tools in this software to secure their Internet connections and prevent hackers from penetrating their system and prevent them from running malicious programs. Virus detection tool is another part of the most used part of this software, which allows users to identify the viruses that they intend to run on their system. This software is a product of the software company Comodo Security Solutions.
COMODO Internet Security consists of four main sections:

The firewall, which is responsible for monitoring the system and information, is being turned over to prevent hacker infiltration.
Antivirus, which is part of the anti-virus software, and works to prevent viruses from infecting the system
Live Security Expert, which has a 24/7 supervisory area over the 7 days of the week for you users who keep your system active and active on a regular basis.
Wi-Fi Security, which is used to secure your wireless communications and sends information that is wirelessly transmitted encrypted over the network.
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