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AVG Internet Security & Antivirus Pro 2015 15.0 Build 5751

AVG Internet Security & Antivirus Pro
AVG AntiVirus 2015 - Antivirus, provides improved protection when browsing the web, social networks and downloading files.

AVG Internet Security 2015 - comprehensive solution that provides maximum online protection, including the implementation of banking and shopping online.

ESET OFFLINE UPDATE 11248 [28.02.2015]


Anti-virus databases in zip-archive for offline update ESET products on a computer without the Internet.

Installing Updates Anti-ESET NOD32 / ESET Smart Security

• Download and unpack the archive with the updates (for example, the folder C: \ offline_update_eav) 

• Open the main program window NOD32 Antivirus 
• Press the «F5» and go to the "Update" 
• In the line "Update Server" click "Change" 
• In the line "update servers" navigate to the folder with the update (in this case C: \        offline_update_eav), then click "Add" and "OK" 
• In the main window, select the antivirus "Update" and click "Refresh version of virus signature database"

How To enable Offline server feature at ESS / EAV  version 5:

‎1. Boot Your windows to SAFE MODE

2. When u in SAFE MODE klik START>>>RUN> type regediit
E\ESET\ESET Security\CurrentVersion\Info
4. Finda PackageFeatures
5. Double click PackageFeatures , change Value Data 3 to 1
6. Restart your Windows, Feature of update server will be enable.

Password: tZ7SpGWw

Driect Link From ESET :

ESS Download Here
EAV Download Here

ESET Keys Here

VLC Media Player 2.2.0

VLC for Windows 8 is an experimental port of VLC media player for the WinRT platform.
VLC media player is an open source application that plays all multimedia file formats, from files, streams and discs on all platform.
This application will play most video file formats, including Ogg, FLAC and MKV.

Play every kind of video
Music playback
MKV support
FLAC support

DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced

DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced
Use full DAEMON Tools Pro functionality: create images using preset profiles, make necessary changes to image data if needed, compress data, split image files, protect your image information, burn to CD/DVD, emulate not only CD/DVD but also HD DVD and Blu-ray drives.

Plus get even more virtual CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray drives. With DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced you have ability to create 32 virtual devices.

Only DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced has a special feature for advanced users — possibility to emulate not only SCSI but also IDE virtual devices.

If all English letters are already assigned to devices and there is no free one left then you can still create virtual devices but without letters. With DAEMON Tools Pro it is possible!

But if your drive doesn’t have a letter you won’t see it in My Computer. How to get mounted image data on such drive then? DAEMON Tools Pro lets you assign folder to virtual drive and then access your virtual disc data opening this assigned folder in My Computer.

Do you have collection of different disc images types where each has some specificity? Can’t you protect some images due to their format restrictions? Do you want all images in catalog to have a single format? — Convert your image files to Media Descriptor format (*.mds/*.mdf files). It is DAEMON Tools native format and supports all DT Pro functionality. Feel free to use variety of tools and possibilities with MDS/MDF format for disc images.

Link1 | Link2 | Link3 | Link4 | Link5

Advanced System Protector 2.1.1000.14996

Advanced System Protector
Advanced System Protector offers a quick and deep scan for the best protection of your system and system files. The program is equipped with electronic scanning scheduler where you can set the frequency of scans conducted on their own. This program will scan your system automatically and without effort.

AVG Anti-Virus Updates 9196 [28.02.2015]

AVG Anti-Virus Updates
Daily and full virus database update antivirus free AVG Anti-Virus Free.

Daily and full virus database update AVG Anti-Virus and AVG Internet Security.

It is recommended to update the anti-virus AVG, by checking for new updates directly from the program, all necessary databases are installed automatically.
Manual update from the site should be used only when necessary.

TrustPort 2015 Offline Update [28.02.2015]

TrustPort Offline Update
These anti-virus databases are used for manual (offline) update virus signature products TrustPort:

■ TrustPort Antivirus 2014
■ TrustPort Internet Security 2014
■ TrustPort Total Protection 2014

TrustPort Antivirus Update

1. Download the zip-archive with your antivirus databases and extract it into a folder

2. In the main window antivirus TrusTport select Advanced Settings> Antivirus> Update> Offline updates

3. Click "Apply packages" and select the folder with the downloaded updates

Microsoft Security Updates [28.02.2015]

Microsoft Security Updates
If you run a file-virus database update Microsoft Security Essentials, a dialog box appears with the message extracting file that is updated virus definitions.

After the file extraction dialog box closes, you can check whether the updated virus definitions and spyware. To do this, open Microsoft Security Essentials, and then click the Refresh button, and then check the status of certain viruses and spyware.

Note: To install the correct version of the virus definition updates and spyware solutions for Microsoft Security Essentials, you need to know the bit system used Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. Additionally, you must log on to Windows as an administrator.

Using these databases, you can also update your antivirus "Defender Windows" in Windows 8 / 8.1.

Norton Database Update [28.02.2015]

Norton Database Update
The process of of renovation is simple. Run the executable a file, your antivirus is detecting be renewed and will produce a a quick check of discs on the the presence of malicious of programs.

Anti-virus databases are intended for the following products

· Norton AntiVirus of 2012 and above
· Norton Internet Security of 2012 and above
· Norton AntiVirus 2011
· Norton Internet Security 2 011
· Norton AntiVirus in 2010
· Norton Internet Security 2010
· Norton AntiVirus in 2009
· Norton Internet Security 2009
· Norton AntiVirus 2 008
· Norton Internet Security 2008
· Norton 360 version 6.0 and above
· Norton 360 version 5.0
· Norton 360 version 4.0
· Norton 360 version 3.0
· Norton 360 version 2.0
· Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0
· Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1
· Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 12.0
· Symantec Protection Engine 7.x for Windows
Year: 2015

Download From Official

Zillya! Offline Update [28.02.2015]

Zillya! Offline Update
Developers Zillya! Anti quickly react to new threats, update anti-virus and malware database.

Typically, a virus database update occurs 1-2 times a day. In the case of epidemics Zillya team preparing an update in an accelerated mode to best protect the user. For users who do not have regular access to the Internet, it is possible to use the offline-update antivirus.

To update manually download and run the file ZillyaAntivirusBases.exe.

Download Here