COMSS Boot USB 2018-02

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The boot floppy from COMSS.RU contains 12 anti-virus scanners for checking and treating computers and laptops. Also, there are utilities for checking the RAM and hard disk, and for working with disk partitions.

Antivirus Live CD, AVG Rescue CD, Avira Rescue System, Comodo Rescue Disk, Dr.Web LiveDisk, ESET SysRescue, F-Secure Rescue CD, Kaspersky Rescue Disk, Norton Bootable Recovery Tool, Tencent Rescue Disk, Vba32 Rescue, Windows Defender Offline, Offline NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 Password Changer, memtest86 + 5.01, Victoria 3.52s, GParted live 0.29.0-1-i686.
Installation Instructions :
1) Format the USB device in FAT32 (you can use standard Windows tools). 
2) Copy the contents of the ISO image (3 folders and 7 files) to the USB device. 
3) Run the CREATE_BOOT_USB.bat file on the USB device. 
4) In the console window, enter the letter of the USB device and press ENTER. 
5) Follow the instructions of the console, press any key and wait until the boot loader is installed. 
6) Press any key to exit the console. The USB mass storage device is ready.

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