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Internet Download Manager

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Internet Download Manager

IDM is easy to use and easy to download you can just visit the official site of Internet Download Manager and download it from their site,you can try IDM for free for 30 days after that you can go for any of its plans according to your needs and get an IDM Serial Key.After downloading IDM you can install it in your Pc and get familiar with its interface and try it yourself.

As stated earlier IDM has many features that other online downloading clients can’t compare to and these are the features that make it so great and this is why people has been using it for years.Some of the features of Internet Download Manager are:-

1) Supports all browsers and applications
IDM supports all popular web browsers including Chrome,Internet Explorer,Mozilla Firefox and all of their versions and can be integrated into any internet applications to take over downloads.

2)  Video Grabber
This is something that you will find only in Internet Download Manager,IDM can pickup downloads from any webpage embedded videos.Once you install IDM and browse the video page on web a “Download The Video” button pops up which starts downloading as soon as you click on it.

3) Simple Installation Wizard
Downloading the setup and install Internet Download Manager on your pc and once you install it and open it IDM automatically integrates itself in all the browsers installed.

4) IDM Is Multilingual
IDM is available or say translated to some of the most used or say spoken languages in the world.IDM supports over 20 languages other than English.

5) Download All
IDM now supports download all feature using which you can download all the files available on a page at once.

6) Download Resume
IDM offers the feature of resuming your downloads,your download starts from where it was left of and might get restarted if there is some error or broken connections.

7) Download Categories
Downloads can be organised automatically and can also be scheduled to a later time according to your need.

8) Download Speed Acceleration
IDM can accelerate downloads by a minimum of 5 times using its dynamic file segmentation technology.

So these were some of the best features of Internet Download Manager now you must be thinking how this tool works and how to start using it and use IDM to download videos from YouTube or other major Video sites on the web,then there is nothing to worry about because here we will guide through the whole process.

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