Recovery Explorer Professional

Recovery Explorer Professional

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Recovery Explorer Professional works with a great deal of data storage media – both linear and redundant internal computer disks, externally attached drives and logical units of a server organized into RAID, including NAS. Neither does Recovery Explorer Professional leave behind encrypted devices – the program brings in a variety of data storage decryption methods which make the storage available for further data recovery. The supported systems are Windows EFS and Linux with its device mapperencryption module (dm-crypt) and LUKS encryption method.

Disk-on-disk technology allows opening a virtual disk nested on a physical storage. Therefore, you can easily build RAID storing VMware ESX virtual machines (VMFS file system), open a virtual disk directly from VMFS and recover data straight from the virtual machine without the need to extract virtual disk first. The Disk-on-Disk feature activates a variety of low-level data access tools: access to virtual disks locked by Hyper-V server, access to CD/DVD image files stored on a file system of a ‘parallel’ operating system.

Recovery Explorer Professional includes tools for low-level data consistency analysis. The program allows identifying location of a file/folder descriptor, its contents and mapping of file/folder fragments, as well as navigating among them. If file contents are faulty, the program will let you go through file fragments, find the faulty one and correct it. In order to return the file system back to the consistent state the write-enabled hexadecimal editor enables correcting damages, e.g. fixing directory entries, moving superblocks, repairing i-nodes etc.

Recovery Explorer Professional brings forward recovery from a comprehensive set of file systems – FAT/FAT32/ExFAT/NTFS and ReFS/ ReFS2 file systems of Microsoft OS; Mac OS APFS, HFS+; Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, UFS/UFS2, XFS, Reiser, JFS file systems of Linux; Btrfs file system; SUN/FreeBSD ZFS file system; ESX(i) VMFS of VMware.



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