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RogueKiller Premium

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Premium is mainly a way to support RogueKiller development, as well as getting interesting features. We also provide the Technician license which is specific for malware removal workshops: you get a portable license file that can be put on a USB key with RogueKiller and used on as many machines as needed.

Based on powerful generic detections (heuristics), and on more classic anti-malware analysis (signature finding), RogueKiller is one of the best malware removal software. It is able to find threats other anti-malware can’t find because of the very aggressive and deep scanner (with Anti-Rootkit module).


Command Line Parameters
In Premium, you can start RogueKiller with some additional parameters, to automate the start of scan, the removal, etc…
The command line parameters are described in the last section of documentation.

In-app support
You will find the support form in “Settings” then “Contact” menu.
Fill-in the information (email, message) and you can choose to include several files (if they are in the same folder, select all of them. Otherwise you can make an archive) and/or the last report.

Once submitted, our support recognizes that you’re a premium user and will treat your ticket in priority.

Automatic Updates

In the installable version of RogueKiller, we’ve also shipped a separate updater program. If you are a registered user, RogueKiller will self execute that updater when needed to avoid you to return on the official website and download the new version by yourself.

Scan Customization

With Premium, you can customize almost everything in the application. You can customize from the “Settings” menu (that will be saved), or just use one-shot customization by using the options available when starting a new scan.

You can rebrand RogueKiller and replace main banner by your own.
If you have the proper license, just put a rebrand.png file in the same folder as RogueKiller.exe.
It’s recommended to keep similar dimensions or ratio as the original banner for better look and feel: 153*45



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