Symantec Norton Utilities

Symantec Norton Utilities

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The goal of Norton Utilities is to make your PC run faster and become more reliable. The tasks performed by the application can be broken down into 3 main groups:
PC Fixes – Common PC problems can be found automatically and fixed in just one click:
Repair broken registry links
Fix damaged files
Rollback faulty registry tasks to avoid major system errors
PC performance improvements – Norton Utilities can do quite a few things to speed up your PC, for instance:
Symantec Norton Utilities
Prevent specific applications from loading at start up to decrease boot time
Defragment and repair the registry to get back precious memory
Optimize your hard drive storage space for faster data access and remove unnecessary files that just clutter your PC
Privacy protection:
By automatically removing cookies, temporary application files and Internet clutter, your privacy is protected should your computer fall into the wrong hands
You can also permanently remove unwanted personal sensitive data for the same kind of protection

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