Windows 10 Digital License C# v3.1

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W10 C# activates Windows 10 with Permanent Digital License.

What’s New:

  • The KMS 19-year method is independent of the form of a selection box that theoretically supports all system activations for 19 years.
  • Added Server 2019 support (KMS channel, activated for 19 years).
  • Add 2 parameters /KMS and /C, plus the previous /Q parameters, a total of three parameters, can be arbitrarily combined:
  • DigitalLicense.exe /Q —Silently execute to get digital license.
  • DigitalLicense.exe /Q /KMS /C —The 19-year grace period is silently acquired in KMS mode, and Tokens parameters (such as 180-day KMS) are cleared throughout the process.
  • DigitalLicense.exe /C —There is a GUI interface, and the Tokens parameter will be cleared during the process of clicking the [Activate] button.
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