Windows Spy Blocker 4.16.0

Windows Spy Blocker

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Windows Spy Blocker – before you a set of rules, which are aimed at blocking Windows telemetry, they are based on several instruments of traffic interception. As the author writes on his website, he rakes landfill traffic every day, after comparing the results with the current regulations in order to add or remove a host or firewall rules. To intercept traffic using qemu -net dump, Wireshark, Sysmon and Proxifier. Data folder is the main folder of the project, it contains all blocking rules based on domain names or IP addresses that have been discovered as a result of the capture.

winX/spy.txt  Blocks Windows Spy / The telemetry
winX/update.txt  Blocking Windows Update
winX/extra.txt  Blocking third-party applications

The contents of the file on the host data / hosts address need to copy and paste in C: Windows System32 drivers etc hosts. The author recommends using HostsMan to update the file host.

More details can be read on the official website of the project on github.


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