Zemana Mobile Antivirus Premium 1.7.5

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Zemana Mobile Antivirus for Android protects mobile devices against malicious applications that cause leakage of personal data, steal your money, and perform suspicious activity.
Mobile antivirus Zemana includes only basic functionality – virus scanner and anti-keylogger. Other functions and features will appear as new versions are released.
Zemana Mobile Antivirus
Benefits Zemana Mobile Antivirus for Android
It protects against the latest threats
Continuing current base
Lightweight and easy to use
Anti-keylogger can help detect spyware applications, and password managers
Zemana Mobile Antivirus Premium
Protection realtime
Automatically checks the installed applications. There is no need to manually run a scan in order to stay safe.
Automatic updates
Automatic delivery of current anti-virus database to protect against the latest mobile threats.
Anti-keylogger *
Detection software, locking the user’s actions and password managers that track everything you type.
* Some keyboard legitimate applications are modified by hackers to keep track of everything you type; they will be detected Zemana Mobile Antivirus applications as malicious.

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